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강인 + 이특 = 강특

Korea's #1 Original Pairing.

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Birth name: 김영운/Kim Youngwoon
Stage name: 강인/Kangin
D.O.B.: January 17 1985
Nicknames: Self-proclaimed "Angel's Knight" in Iple's unreleased scenes from the making of Haengbok MV. Appa. Korea's No. 1 Man/everything.

Tidbits: Kangin gets really protective over Leeteuk. He's always defending him and used to take the position of 2nd Leader until he got busy with his own schedules. "But seriously, what worries me is that Leeteuk is very picky, so he can't just have one kind of food over and over. Recently, he throws up whatever he eats and it really worries me." Kangin's the seme in their relationship.

Birth name: 박정수/Park Jungsoo
Stage name: 이특/Leeteuk
D.O.B.: July 1 1983
Nickname: Angel. Umma.

Tidbits: During the 2006 car accident, Kangin was the first person Leeteuk called. "After the car accident, Kangin offered me the greatest help." Also, Kangin mentioned that "Every night before we sleep, we would turn off the lights and chat." Kangin accompanied Leeteuk every night and slept in the visitors' bed underneath Leeteuk. Leeteuk's the little uke in their relationship.


Welcome to kangteuk, the first LJ community for Super Junior's Umma and Appa, Kangin & Leeteuk. We hope you enjoy your stay here and please read the rules! ♥


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Rules & Misc.

01. Anything Kangin/Leeteuk-related can be posted here. That includes fanfictions, pictures, any sort of graphics, videos and news. However, it also means that majority of the content in your post must be Kangin/Leeteuk related.

02. Please do a lj-cut for:
a) Fanfictions. Title, Genre, Rating, Word Count, Summary, Author's Name and Pairings/characters are allowed and encouraged outside of cut.
b) Pic-spams. Smaller previews are allowed outside of cut. However, must be no bigger than 400x400px.
c) Icons/Graphics. Small previews are allowed, but please don't dump the whole thing in an entry without a cut. It kills our friend's page.

03. Please do not change the default font color/type for posts.

04. All fanfiction that links externally has to be unlocked for a period of 72 hours.

05. Be reminded that all posts has to be in English, especially so for fanfictions.

06. Please tag all entries appropriately. Information on how to tag an entry can be found here. Information on the tagging system can be found here.

07. No bashing, flaming, criticizing and/or fighting.

08. Always give credit. It's not compulsory to give credit for pictures, because that's almost always impossible, but for news and graphics, please do.

09. No advertising is allowed without permission from the mods. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like to advertise something. We don't bite!

10. Please always, always enjoy yourselves!

Failure to comply with any of these rules will result in a warning. If you break a rule the first time, there will be no warnings given. However, breaking another rule the second time will result in a warning given. When you get warned three times, you'll be suspended from making posts. Suspensions will last at our discretion, depending on why you were banned and if you're willing to abide by the rules in future.


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